The most simplistic definition of freedom goes something like this:

the power or right to act, speak or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

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Over the last four years, America and its inhabitants have seen an uptick in overt displays of division. Many could argue that such division existed prior to the Trump presidency and has both riddled and rocked the United States since its inception. However, the frothy head of the drink that is America has spilled over in recent days. If the issue is rendered down like a decadent wine sauce, the core of said division…

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Life is a teacher that follows you home from school. There is no blowing off assignments, no escape route through the back door; the only choice is to stand up or sit down.

This year, I had many things planned, we all did. I was finally going to attend my first writer’s conference in Texas. I booked the hotel, the flights, the boat tour. I found a way to volunteer to keep the cost down. I’d figured it all out and I patted myself on the back in glee. A couple of months thereafter, I was to attend my cousin’s…

I haven’t written a song in years. I sit down every now and again on the muted blue couch in my messy apartment, and I place the guitar on my lap. I strum for a little while. I hum over the chord progression. Inevitably, nothing comes of it, and I tuck the cheap acoustic behind the couch, where it lives. There was a time in which I composed sixty-two songs within a calendar year. Those were the days of heartbreak and anxiety, and the absolute absence of being able to envision what my future looked like. …

Sara Jacobson

Professional Photographer, MFA student.

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